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CDO Advisory Service


Gartner predicts that by 2019, 90% of large global corporations will have a Chief Data Officer (CDO) in the C-Suite and only 50% of them will survive. AlyData forecasts that small and medium-sized businesses will follow suit. CDO's will act as change agents to break down data silos and unleash the power of data by deploying analytics and data science solutions to enable innovation, new product development, and driving bottom line results. This is no easy task. AlyData's CDO Advisory Service and the Vision, Organize, Innovate, Change, and Execute (VOICE) process were launched to assist CDOs achieve their mission.


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In order to succeed in their roles, CDOs must stay abreast of the latest developments in the fields of data management and analytics. AlyData's leadership is comprised of industry thought leaders in data management and analytics. We regularly publish books and articles on data-driven leadership and are able to deliver highly customized content and advisory services to our CDO clients, coupled with our strengths in developing detailed roadmaps and execution plans. 

What are the key trends, challenges, and opportunities with respect to data management, analytics and data science that may impact your business and influence your strategy? AlyData's industry research team culls this data through content analysis, survey results, and tapping into our Subject Matter Experts to provide perspectives and insights. These resources will help you answer the questions: What is the current industry trend related to data management, analytics, and data science? What are your CDO peers doing with respect to technology investments? What are your major companies/competitors in the industry investing in and why? How will machine learning and Internet-of-Things impact your business? What can you do to leverage open source tools to reduce costs and maximize productivity? etc. 

For organizations that seek to evaluate and improve their data management practices, CMMI® Institute has developed the Data Management Maturity (DMM)℠ model to bridge the perspective gap between business and IT. It provides a common language and framework depicting what progress looks like in all of the fundamental disciplines of data management, and offers a gradated path to improvement which is easily tailored to an organization’s business strategies, strengths and priorities.
AlyData uses the DMM model coupled with its proprietary assessment methodology, templates, and process maps to baseline an organization's data management maturity, identify strengths and weaknesses across 5 data management domains - Data Strategy, Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Platform and Architecture, and Data Operations. We also analyse an organisation's culture and develop a customised roadmap for success. Our research indicates that clients that perform regular DMM assessments followed by strategic investments in specific data management domains are far more successful with data, than their peers that aren't as disciplined.

The primary reason for investing in Big Data is to be able to derive business intelligence and deep insights by using Analytical tools and methods. AlyData Data Scientists and Big Data experts work collaboratively with client staff to develop the models and methods needed to drive business value. Our DSAAS service acts as a one stop shop for all things Data Science - to streamline the procurement process for clients and deliver the right expertise at the right time to deliver high quality results.


AlyData advisors typically train client staff, help setup the Data Science function and consult as needed.  Our comprehensive service offerings are coupled with strong partnerships with firms that complement our capabilities.