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On every data management and governance initiative, data privacy and security are a major focus. Cyber warfare is a reality that every firm has to deal with.  Protecting systems from malicious attacks is a business imperative.  Proactive monitoring, remediation of weaknesses and blocking external and inside threats with the latest technology will prevent financial loss, reputational risk exposure and potential legal liability.  AlyData offers a comprehensive set of services to address your needs.  Our Cyber experts work with the largest and most complex organizations - to train your staff on latest cyber security methods, protect your ecosystem, remediate code to harden it and repel attacks.

Threat Assessment

Code Remediation

Secure Development


AlyData uses an assessment methodology that is comprehensive.  The primary aim of this exercise is to identify weaknesses in the client's applications and infrastructure.  Ethical Hacking is a component of this exercise. The results of the assessment are provided to the client, with a set of detailed instructions and recommendations - required to remediate any weaknesses.


AlyData is typically engaged by the client to remediate their code using our code remediation service.

AlyData users its code remediation experts to address any weaknesses in a client's code base.  Our primarily goal during this phase is to not just remediate the issues in the code, but to provide training and advice to the client's developers and management - so that these issues aren't repeated.

AlyData provides a client's team with policies, strategies and technology used to develop highly secure code.  Our experts will work closely with the client staff to review ongoing development activities and provide targeted advice and guidance - to ensure that best practices are implemented across the teams.

We provide in-class training and train-the-trainer type instruction.  This training is customized for each client - based on the level of maturity of the organization, the specific weaknesses in their security practices, and the needs expressed by client's management.


Training material is provided and all training sessions are hands-on in nature - to ensure that attendees are productive when they return to their daily activities.

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