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Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC)


AlyData provide "Data Science As a Service" (DSAAS) to clients. DSAAS provides the right Data Science expertise coupled with Data Management and Governance capabilities in a comprehensive set of services for clients that are at any stage of their Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) journey.  In addition to its management consulting and execution team, AlyData has partnered with the leading GRC, Big Data distribution, and analytics vendors to create compelling offerings.  

Before initiating a large data project, AlyData recommends that our client engages us to conduct a comprehensive Data Managment Maturity Assessment.  This identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the existing program and enables AlyData advisors to map out a clear roadmap to success.


AlyData uses CMMI's DMM Methodology coupled with proprietary templates, questionnaires and other accelerators - to speed time to market and ensure a repeatable process.

Typically, Big Data projects are launched to augment existing data stores and infrastructure.  AlyData advisors review the existing data architecture and major pain points - to gain an understanding of the current state, before embarking on the creation of a Strategy and Roadmap that will unlock data silos and enable critical insights.  AlyData experts will train executives and staff on how to utilise the insights gained to gain a competitive advantage and achieve their mission.


During this process, AlyData advisors use project accelerators such as Architecture templates, questionnaires and data profiling utilities.

Governing small and big data has taken on greater importance - given the democratization of data and the enforcement of strict regulations.  Our clients in the Financial Services and Healthcare industries engage us to provide a Data Governance Strategy, Organization structure, Policies and Procedures, and Best Practices.


AlyData advisors embed with the client staff to assist and train staff to incorporate governance into their daily routine.  We also provide training on tools and techniques that users will require.

On every data management and governance initiative, data privacy and security are a major focus. Cyber warfare is a reality that every firm has to deal with.  Protecting systems and data assets from malicious attacks is a business imperative.  Proactive monitoring, remediation of weaknesses and blocking external and inside threats with the latest technology will prevent financial loss, reputational risk exposure and potential legal liability.


AlyData offers a comprehensive set of services to help you protect sensitive data and ensure privacy to address your compliance and business needs.  Our data privacy and cyber experts work with the largest and most complex organizations - to train your staff on latest cyber security methods, protect your ecosystem, remediate code to harden it and repel attacks.