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Deep Insights: AI/ML and Data Science


Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are complex fields that requires teams with data management, data engineering, data wrangling, statistical analysis and modeling, programming, and deployment skills. AlyData has developed a proprietary Plan, Rationalize, Ingest, Model, and Analyze (PRIMA) methodology based on analytic project expertise and agile development practices. PRIMA incorporates a crucial "test and learn" cycle during the model phase to ensure that the right machine learning algorithms and statistical models are deployed. By applying PRIMA our experts enable clients to derive deep insights from their data to drive superior mission performance and reduce cost. The "Data Science As a Service" (DSAAS) service provides all these capabilities to clients - to guarantee results and enable faster time to market.



What we can do for clients: AI and Data Science algorithms and models can be applied to solve many problems that couldn't be solved in the past, due to processing limitations and lack of machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. Our team can provide fast and reliable insight to optimize your company’s workflow, exploit new markets or to make the most of your current clientele. Our Data Scientists can help in all aspects of your projects, whether it be predictive forecasting, understanding your consumer base, or general data analytics.
How we deliver Data Science solutions: We service clients from across the globe and across any vertical. Our team of expert Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts, and Project Managers often work virtually and build solutions in the cloud to deliver faster time-to-value or provide on-site and off-site solutions.
Active Collaboration: Clients describes the problem(s) they want us to solve, provide high level requirements and AlyData's Data Science team then collaborates with client subject matter experts and business teams to develop the statistical models, machine learning algorithms, or custom code to deliver the solution. We employ an agile methodology on all projects, to ensure faster time-to-value.
  • Targeting
  • Price and promotion strategy
  • Campaign effectiveness
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Cross-selling/recommendation
  • Channel optimisation
  • Acquisition and customer behavior/segmentation
  • Customer retention
  • Predicting Lifetime Value
  • Wallet Share Estimation
  • Customer Churn Prediction
  • Reactivation Likelihood
  • Patient diagnosis and classification
  • Disease modeling
  • Policy optimization
  • Claims Review Prioritization
  • Medicare/Medicaid Fraud
  • Medical resources optimization
  • Prescription compliance
  • Readmission risk
  • Survival Analysis 
  • Tourism forecasting
  • Workforce management
  • Table management & reservations
  • Promos/upgrades/offers
  • Inventory Management/dynamic pricing
  • Job Application Scoring
  • Talent Aquisition Modeling
  • Employee Incentive Analysis
  • Employee Allocation Optimization
  • Employee Churn
  • Staff Allocation Optimization
  • Hiring Requirement Forecasting
  • Talent Management
  • Merchandise pricing
  • Location of new stores
  • Product layout in stores
  • Merchandising
  • Inventory Management
  • Shrinkage Analytics
  • Warranty Analytics
  • Predicting drug demand
  • Identifying bio-markers for boxed marking
  • Analysing study results
  • Diagnostic targeting (CRM)
  • Putative safety signals
  • Predicting prescription adherence
  • Credit Risk
  • Treasury or Currency Risk
  • Fraud Detection
  • Credit-card Fraud
  • Accounts Payable Recovery
  • Anti-money Laundering
  • Lead prioritisation
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Financial prediction
  • Sales forecasting
  • Signal processing
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Call Center Message Optimization
  • Call Center Volume Forecasting
  • Document classification
  • Information extraction
  • Chatterbots
  • Fraud and fault detection
  • Production monitoring
  • Event detection.

Opportunity - The primary reason for investing in Big Data is to be able to derive business intelligence and deep insights by using Analytical tools and methods. AlyData Data Scientists and Big Data experts work collaboratively with client staff to develop the models and methods needed to drive business value. Our DSAAS service acts as a one stop shop for all things Data Science - to streamline the procurement process for clients and deliver the right expertise at the right time to deliver high quality results.

Challenge - Most organizations are maturing their data management capabilities while they prepare to embark on their Data Science journey. Internal staff may not have the bandwidth or the expertise in Data Science to deliver production quality solutions in a timely manner. They need a trusted partner that has a proven track record of Data Science delivery to guide them and help their staff deliver on the organisations business needs.

AlyData's Data Science As A Service (DSAAS) - DSAAS provides the right Data Science expertise coupled with a data management toolkit, best practices, methodology, and a set of repeatable processes to deliver a comprehensive set of services for clients that are at any stage of their data journey.  In addition to its management consulting and execution team, AlyData has partnered with the leading Big Data distribution and Data Science vendors to create compelling offerings.  


In addition to architecting, designing, and developing solutions, AlyData advisors typically train client staff, help setup the Data Science function and consult as needed.  Our comprehensive service offerings are coupled with strong partnerships with firms that complement our capabilities. 

Data Science Skillset
Data Science workflow
The topics you can expect to find: Data Analytics, Data Management, Data Security, Data Governance, Data Quality
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