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We are living in the "Age of Data". Data shouldn't be treated as digital exhaust, but as a "value creator". It is therefore important that we are aware of the power and risks associated with data. Managing data and deriving insights from it to gain deep insights to run an organization, optimize processes, and managing risks are complex undertakings. It requires specialized skills, sophisticated tool, and a significant amount of automation. AlyData launched this Data Awareness Campaign in 2020 to help our customers and prospects understand and appreciate the importance of data management and analytics.

EPISODE #3 - AI GOVERNANCE: We are living in the 4th Industrial Revolution – which brings together digital, physical, and biological systems. This is creating massive amounts of raw data – whose power must be harnessed. Companies are using Artificial Intelligence to harness the power of data to generate insights and achieve business results.


AI systems present ethical, legal, governance, risk, and compliance-related challenges, which must be managed. Click on the image below to launch the campaign video!!