Big Data analytics in the Hospitality Industry

Consumers are becoming smarter shoppers with a variety of choices via various channels – phone, web, kiosk, counter, 3rd-party agency, etc. Commuters are becoming more demanding in the quality and variety of services available as a result of rewards systems or loyalty programs.

In order for hospitality clients to capitalize on these and other challenges in the industry, they need ways to collect, manage and analyze a tremendous volume, variety, velocity and veracity of data. Organizations who can tackle the big data challenge will differentiate from competitors, gain market share and increase revenue and profits with innovative new services.

Successfully harnessing big data can help achieve three critical objectives for travel & transportation transformation: Maximize availability of assets and infrastructure; Enhance services to increase revenue and manage capacity; and Dramatically improve the end-to-end customer experience.

Firms can achieve its business objectives by applying big data solutions to key business use cases. These include:

  • Customer analytics and loyalty marketing

  • Capacity & pricing optimization

  • Predictive maintenance optimization

Visit the AlyData Big Data Services page for more information.


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