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Cyber Threat Intelligence..A must have service...

The world is spending $71 billion on the Cyber Security industry, and the sector is still very young.Major health insurer Anthem Inc is just the latest in a long line of cybersecurity victims. Massive retailers like Target Corporation and Home Depot Inc and the world’s largest financial institutions like JPMorgan Chase & Co and Citigroup Inc have been hacked in the past few years, despite advanced security systems in place. And lawyers are beginning to look into corporate liability for giving up customers’ sensitive information.

Needless to say, most companies and individuals are finally waking up to the pervasive needs of robust cybersecurity. Companies can’t even keep hackers out after spending more on their IT than some developing nations spend on their entire economies.

Cyber Threat Intelligence is an emerging field in Cyber Security. It is an absolute must for corporations of all sizes - given the sophisticated adversaries they are dealing with. Cyber threat intelligence provides overall situational awareness to organizations - to better protect their systems and their customers from harm.

AlyData offers a comprehensive set of Cyber Security services to assist its clients protect their infrastructure and code from malicious attacks. Please navigate to our Cyber Security Services page for details.

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