Welcome To The Dawn Of Data

Welcome to the "Dawn of Data!". Over the last five weeks, I've written 45 posts on various facets of Strategic Data Management, Data Security and Analytics (link below). In this post, I will show you why I coined the term "The Dawn of Data", and the opportunities this presents us, as professionals and for the organisations we work for. I will also share some challenges that must be overcome, to benefit from this reality.

Numerous Data-Driven companies have emerged in the last two decades and have left their traditional rivals in the dust, in terms of revenue and innovation. Google (Market Cap - $428 Billion), Amazon ($250 Billion), Facebook ($263 Billion), Netflix ($48 Billion), Pay Pal ($50 Billion), eBay ($34 Billion), Apple ($690 Billion), LinkedIn ($25 Billion), Twitter ($30 Billion), comScore ($2.35 Billion), and Netflix ($48 Billion) have a combined market capitalisation in the Trillions of Dollars.

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